Thursday, September 30, 2010

iPhone Recap

First I'd like to say - thank you all for the great Anniversary wishes! They were so sweet :)

Second - thank god for iPhones. If I didn't have one, nothing in my life would be documented with pictures. (I just wish I had the new iPhone.. have you seen it's camera? it's insane).

I'd like to preface by saying in our marriage we live by VERY low key anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. If you treat them like any other day, you never will be disappointed. I think many women hype them up too much and then end up upset that their husband didn't do this or that. We never exchange gifts or cards, and do things very simple. And I always end up having a great day :)

And yesterday was no exception - we had an awesome anniversary! Even though we never exchange gifts, my husband did bring home flowers which was very sweet and very unexpected (when you don't expect anything a surprise is even better).

We didn't go out but cooked our favorite fall meal - Chicken and Dumplings. We had a lovely dinner.. it was dark and raining, so I lit some candles. It was very nice!

Nothing says romance like my big glasses and comfort food ;)

We'll use any excuse to have dessert. My favorite - red velvet cupcakes!!

And chocolate cake for the husband:

And that was our very low key and awesome anniversary!

Earlier in the day, I installed some throw pillows and a new rug in one of my client's home (same client with red bar stools). I really like how things are turning out!

This home leans towards the traditional side, so it's been fun throwing in some transitional patterns and silhouettes. We're almost done with the first room pictured, so I'll be sure to share the before and after.


  1. Sweet! Love the glasses and you have a great approach to "big" days...and LOVE the ottoman, wow. Janell

  2. We have been married together for 17 years, married for 13. And do the same. Simple..simple simple. Always treat everyday the same. My hubby likes to say that everyday is MOTHERS DAY. Everyday is your BIRTHDAY....we dont do valentines day. We take time to write love notes throughout the year. So I agree totally. Its working for us!

  3. I love your approach to the "big" days. I agree...too much pressure on something and you will probably be disappointed! I am slowly learning this!

    Glad you had a great evening!

  4. I love it Bryn! My husband and I do the same. My favorite tradition is at Christmastiime. Instead of buying gifts for each other we "adopt" a couple of kids in need and spend money that way. : )

  5. What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary -- more people should follow your example! Glad you had a great day.

  6. Those desserts look delish, my mouth is watering...

  7. I love your thinking on anniversaries. I honestly used to wish for little things like flowers or for him to plan a dinner out. But I learned its way better to expect nothing...that we really do enjoy our anniversary. Plus, it's not about gifts. It's about hanging out together!

  8. We don't exchange gifts either. We will sometimes do a card/flowers but its not neccessary.

    Recipe for that Chicken and Dumplings please!!!!

  9. You know I heart you but I couldn't disagree with you more there. Setting low expectations so you're never disappointed doesn't seem like a good way to think about important days in your life (now if your anniversary isnt one of those days, I get that...but some days are worth making a big deal out of IMO)

    We dont do much for our anniversary either but my birthday is a huge deal!

  10. We are the same way with Birthdays and Anniversaries. Don't exchange gifts, etc.
    Adore that ottoman!!!

  11. oh my gosh you two are the cutest! p.s. that red velvet cake looks just like one I had the other day...ralphs? :-D

  12. I love simple too - I think it's because my husband and I do things often together all the time, so it's nice to just have a sweet note of the occasion passing, however you decide to do it - red velvet cupcakes? yummy! happy anniversary!!

    ps I have the same exact eyeglasses! (zenni optical?) lol ;)

  13. we do the same thing - on our first anniversary we made my favorite risotto recipe and had red velvet cupcakes for dessert (this year was #4). sometimes i draw him a picture. sometimes he buys flowers. we always have a great time.

    love your blog.


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