Monday, August 16, 2010

My Favorite Candles

I really really love candles. More specifically - I love expensive candles.

If you read the blog you know that I'm very budget conscious. However, there are some things that I believe one should spend a little more on for better quality. "Luxury" candles last longer, burn cleaner, and most importantly... smell better! And trust me on this, once you start buying nice candles, you cannot go back to the cheap ones.

Here are some of my favorite candles that I have loved over the years and believe are worth the splurge! I'm listing them by price (low to high), and including their scent profiles (taken from their websites).

"Sweet and Spicy, this rich currant fragrance won Fragrance Of The Year in 2004."

2. Trapp Mediterranean Fig - $17.00

"Not familiar with Fig? Fig is a luscious, deeply satisfying fruit scent. Travel outside the ordinary, try Mediterranean Fig – You will be pleasantly surprised!"

3. NEST Pink Jasmine - $32.00

"Nest Pink Jasmine candle is a delicate pink jasmine blended with fragipani flower and peony with under-notes of cashmere wood and white musk."

4. Gianna Rose Orchid & Honeysuckle - $32

"Notes of tropical orchid and vibrant honeysuckle create a seaside retreat for the senses."

5. Delirium Scarlet Grapefruit - $38

"Delirium & Co. Scarlet Grapefruit candle is a crisp sensual merger of ruby red grapefruit, red currants, apple, mandarin, jasmine and amber. A sweet and slightly tart arrangement." - Pretty much my favorite candle EVER.

Do you have any favorite scents that you think I should try out? I'm always looking to grow my candle hoarding collection. I tend to gravitate towards clean (grapefruit, citrus), floral (jasmine, lilac) and sometimes spicy or musky (fig, currant). Also - I'm looking for the perfect "fall" candle that has a touch of pumpkin and spice to it.


  1. my current fave: True Grace's Vine Tomato. It's unique and smells amazing.

  2. I'm a sucker for expensive candles too... the Capri Blue candle at Anthro is AMAZING!!!! Also on the pricey side, but SOOOOO worth it!

    Here's the link:

  3. Votivo Candles

  4. I love the Ikea candles. The vanilla is so summy and its a mere $2.99.

  5. My all time favorite candle is Volupsa Santiago Huckleberry ( It smells so good!

  6. I would recommend the "Method" candles. They are sold at Target near the Method cleaning supplies. They smell great and cost very little. The design is clean and simple too.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE voluspa candles (they sale them at Anthropologie) but D.L.& Co (pricey!) are my absolute favorites! I just bought one last week.

  8. I am so excited to read this. I was actually trying to find a good candle guide. Thanks for doing the smell work.

  9. Love the capri candle too Jill!. My fave candles are Geodosis @, they are made by a French perfumery and the smell is so intense, I walk past the candle even when it is not lit and you still get a whiff of the scent.

  10. Google Tyler Candle Company, out of Tyler, Texas. They are a tad pricey but totally worth it. They come in so, so many amazing scents...the candles come in glass containers with cute and chic leopard print lids. They're the best!

  11. In addition to Mediterranean Fig my next time all favorite is:
    around $30

  12. Votivo candles are SO rich and potent. I've never seen anything like it. Red currant is my favorite, but you can't go wrong.

  13. Try Colette Ltd. candles! They are amazing. Soy based and recycled packaging, too!

    California Chai and Peace are my favorite scents.

    Colette Candles

  14. I've never given a second thought to spending money on candles. So much better than cheaper alternatives, especially for someone like me who literally burns a candle every day.

  15. OMG, you have to try the new Godiva candles. I'm hooked. I got mine at Needless Markup (Neiman Marcus), but it wasn't that expensive - maybe $20 - but it's huge. We can get one while you're here ;)

  16. anthro always gets in great fall and winter candles. i too, am a sucker for the capri blue from anthro ... i also love the voluspa santiago huckleberry from anthro.


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