Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Husbands Beware!

Husbands hide your credit cards - Furbish just launched an online store!! The (super)woman behind it is my girl Jamie from I Suwanee and I'm soooooooooo excited for her :)

Here are my top picks from the online shop:

Congrats Jamie, and happy shopping!


  1. The shop is just great! All the best with it Jamie! Janell

  2. Husbands hide your credit cards? Really? One would think there are better ways to show support for your (super)woman friend's shop opening...

  3. it all looks good - I love that Ottoman. Thanks for posting I'll have to go and check it out

  4. Love the ottoman too...(and of course as one who sews/upholsters I must comment on the spectacular pattern matching..ha, ha) Seriously though, great pics. Headed over to Wandering Pods to check out their pillows b/c I love those too!!


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