Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scenes of Summer

It's hot. Really hot. And here's how we beat the heat:

Linoleum floors (Char likes them much more than I do):

and cut offs and fans:

And Coke Zero (not pictured).

EDIT - yes that's my printer on my kitchen counter! A little update on the ink spill for those of you who follow the blog. My printer didn't die, thank god!!! I took it out to the backyard and cleaned it inside and out, then placed it on our kitchen counter with a trash bag and drop cloth underneath for monitoring. So far, so good, no more ink leaking. Once the office gets together, it will move upstairs to it's permanent home. Also - the ink leaked because I got cheapo knock off cartridges thinking I'd be saving money.


  1. haha, hope you're staying cool and enjoying the summer!!

    Is that your printer on the kitchen counter!? haha, love it.

  2. I'm totally drooling for a coke zero now, thanks!

  3. your blog is my favorite blog. your design aesthetic is impecable. i wish you were still in california, i'd hire you to do my whole house (when we buy one which most likely won't be for a few more years). i look forward to seeing what you do in your own home. so far it looks absolutely gorgeous. i love the 2 toned kitchen idea, i showed it to my husband and we're now decided that that's what we want when we do our own kitchen. thanks for the inspiration!

  4. ok, while i ADORE the south, i really do not miss the humidity in the summer. (just wait until august. you are not going to believe how sweaty it gets!)
    and i LOVE coke zero. i am constantly trying to convert those drinking diet coke. it's just so much better...
    and, i loved your fabric selections!
    why are so many drool-worth fabrics so darn expensive? not fair.

  5. The worst - when you think you're saving a buck and then it ends up costing more than if you would have done as your originally should. I hate that!

  6. Hi Bryn

    I am new to blogging and have admired your blog for a few yrs....if you have any advice, I'd love to hear it!
    Stay cool!


  7. haha. love this post :))))
    and thank you for the advice :)))



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