Thursday, April 15, 2010

my dad is the coolest.

He texted me to search pomplamoose on YouTube. This is what I discovered.

If you love Lady Gaga or just all around awesomeness, you MUST click the above image and take a listen!


  1. I love pomplamoose. They are awesome.

  2. your dad IS awesome! first I've heard of them, am I out of the loop?

  3. love them.
    thank you :))). so cool.

    happy happy friday.


  4. Yes, love them. Single Lady is my fave, I first heard that one a few months ago. Your dad gets major points for that text. ;)

  5. just fab ! she reminds me of someone but I can't think who ... from the 80s an English girl who sung happy birthday - not the usual happy birthday but a 80s euro pop electronic kinda mixed up song ... i might have to go goggle that now best le

  6. He surely is a great dad. He is fantastic!


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