Monday, February 1, 2010

Beatiful paint..... cans!

It's no surprise, as an interior decorator, paint makes my heart flutter. In fact, I almost always pick up at least one can of mistint every time I walk into Lowe's. What I don't love is the gross, used paint can look.

So I was very excited to see Brooklyn Limestone shared her amazing paint can labels. It just makes plain cans look so pretty! And why not have the cans be as pretty as the colors inside?

Click here to see her original post, and here to download her FREE labels! She is very generous for sharing.

Once I get moved and unpacked at our new apartment, I am going to organize my terribly messy but large paint collection with these labels.


  1. I know, weren't those great??
    So pretty.

  2. I loved those labels too! So visually pleasing. As someone who just spent three weekends painting, I can appreciate it!

  3. Fantastic idea! We're renovating my boyfriend's house and these will be perfect to spruce up the leftover paint cans.

  4. These labels are so pretty--thanks for sharing!

  5. so pretty!! i'm so glad i came across your blog!

  6. These labels are so pretty--thanks for sharing!


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