Monday, January 18, 2010

Idea Board: Living + Dining in DC

A design board for your Monday morning done for a couple in DC:

Edit: A couple of you asked about the green fabric source. It's actually a funny story! I have a lot of bookmarks on my Firefox of sources I like... fabric, wallpaper, etc. I was going through them and found and found the green fabric. It was perfect! After I sent the board off to it's owner, I put my computer aside, and my stack of dominos caught my eye not even two minutes later. There was the green fabric on the cover! Man I love domino, I'm still so sad it's gone :(

Anyway... here is the fabric on the cover:


  1. Very nice! Can you provide some source information on the green and white fabric?

  2. I love the blue and green together. I am also a huge fan of the organic elements!! Very chic!

  3. totally digging that green fabric you selected for the wingback.
    would you mind revealing the source?

  4. Um, hello? Same wavelength...check out my last post:

    Anything look familiar? :D God I miss Domino....sigh.

  5. I just have to say this is totally bazaar.....
    Today I stopped at a flea mall on my way home and purchased that exact issue of Domino for $1!
    I purchased it because that sofa fabric caught my eye.
    The fact that I came home and read this in's either a sign or a crazy coincidence!!! :)

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