Monday, January 11, 2010


It's been one of those days... but really it's going to be one of those months. I've packed as much as I possibly can into the last couple weeks I have. So I won't take it personally if my readership plummets, as long as you promise not to leave me forever, k?

I will make time to show you pretty pictures though.. if nothing else, there will always be pretty pictures, I promise.


  1. i am all about pretty pictures so..i'm cool. good luck with the moving.
    i love that last image the bestest.

  2. some days that's all I need :) happy packing!

  3. I'm in it for the pretty pictures, so don't worry!

  4. ok, go ahead and submerge me in pretty pictures.
    Good luck with the move and finding your snorkel.

  5. Lovely. I wish you good luck with the moving and a great day :))


  6. So sorry for the drowning feeling. I understand. Pretty pictures are always nice.

  7. hang in there and good luck ~ pretty pictures do a body good ~

  8. I just started looking at your blog and have spent a few days constantly looking through what you've posted the past few months. Encourage your readers to look through the past posts.. I'm loving your blog so far!

  9. I love a pretty picture and these did not dissapoint!

  10. i. hate. moving.
    but i usually don't remember how much i hate it until think i am all packed, and then i have to pack all the junk under the kitchen sink...and the spider-webby gross stuff in the garage...and the things in that closet that i somehow always forgets exists.
    best of luck!


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