Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buy Handmade This Holiday

You've been seeing a lot of Holiday gift guides popping up in the blog world. I'm not doing any gift guides here but I will be sharing one gift idea every day until December 20th in support of buying handmade this holiday season.

So why am I pushing handmade? Being a young entrepreneur myself, I know the happiness that comes when a complete stranger values your hard work. It also helps support families and artists directly by bringing in income during these troubling economic times. And buying handmade allows you to get inexpensive, creative and original gifts that will be sure to please everyone!

You can take the Buy Handmade pledge here.

Currently, I'm asking for these two items for Christmas:

Freaking Never Ending To Do List - $15

Trio of Maple Log Tree Light Holders, currently sold out :( But I'm hoping they will post more before Christmas!!


  1. Please keep the ideas coming! I love them and it really helps!

  2. i blogged about vale designs a while back, she has several items for download, one of them being the the never ending to do list. i will say it prints amazingly well and if you print it on cardstock, it's perfect.

  3. I have the download for the To Do List (along with every other notepad thing she's made!) and I print it out on paper and keep some on my fridge, but am on the hunt for some of the stuff to brush on the end of a stack to make the whole pad.

    I love the candle holders....maybe I will have to make my husband make me some!

  4. Thanks so much for posting the trio of maple log tree light holders. Although they were sold out I bought the flower vase and the tea light holder! Thanks so much for sharing!! =)


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