Friday, November 20, 2009

this weekend

This weekend will be busy. Just like last weekend. But next week I'm off to the East Coast for a long Thanksgiving break... I can't wait!

I'll continue to be wrapping up things at Client I's house... want another sneak peek?

This piece was from... you guessed it! Craigslist. I love the Mid Century Modern lines.... we painted it white and added some great black leather pulls. I'll be posting instructions on how [I like to] paint furniture soon. Oh and see the candlestick collection? It will be growing.

Still so much to do... go to Ikea, Home Goods, order a couple more items.. a couple DIY projects thrown in there... It will be a busy Saturday.

Then on Sunday, I'll be heading two hours up the coast to Client Y's amazing beach house. The final result (coming around end of December/early January) will be casual, fun, yet buttoned up like this inspirational space below:

Although my weekends are crazy, I LOVE them because it gives me a glimpse into my possible future... doing all this during the week, full time! I am truly blessed.

Have a great weekend :)


  1. The sneak peak looks AMAZING!!! I love what you did with that piece! Did you pick out those floors as well because they are gorgeous! As busy as you are, I hope you are enjoying it all at the same time!

  2. Such a tease, we need some more!!

  3. I just bought a credenza yesterday and I can't wait to paint it up. I'm looking forward to seeing how to do it though.

    I've been reading your blog forever and I think this is the first time I left a comment! Anyways, keep it up. I love your photos and inspirations.

  4. where did you get those glass candle sticks?

  5. Wow, what a lucky find. I love how you refinished it.


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