Monday, October 19, 2009

tales from the weekend

Most of you who regularly read this blog know I have curly hair. What you probably don't know is that I have a very bad habit of picking one or two curls everyday, always on my left side, and I twirl them all day long. I don't really realize when I'm doing it... it's just a bad habit of mine (even after years of my mom saying "Stop playing with your hair!"). This constant twirling creates a couple perfect corkscrew curls.

Although my husband has noticed this since dating (sometimes he asks if I found my favorite curl of the day yet), I guess it wasn't until this weekend that he really noticed it.

We were in Ikea and all the sudden he was laughing so hard and said "your hair looks so silly!" I had a regular head of curly waves and then three perfect corkscrew curls on the left side. We laughed hard about it in the aisles of the big Ikea boxes.

I love being married to that guy :)


  1. I was told to never mess with a girl with a curl.
    Love this! I have straight fine hair, always wanted Shirley Temple ringlets.

  2. the little moments of life like that make life the best!

  3. definitely a good weekend! :)


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