Wednesday, October 14, 2009

space of the day

I'm giddy like a school girl while begging a client of mine to do a jewel-toned velvet tufted sofa (plum to be exact), which has inspired today's space of the day.

Check out this lovely emerald velvet sofa:

[room by pure style home]


  1. I love the lamp and chandelier!

  2. I love the sofa!! But I think it might be more of a "mossy" green than emerald! Maybe its just my monitor! Love your blog!

  3. My couch is green, not quite that shade which makes me wish it were as fresh and punchy as that green. I love how little nuances can make a space of the day au courant!

  4. I will soon be obtaining my grandmother's 1940's/1950's couch (in superb condition, that woman takes care of her things!) and though the fabric is in good condition I am not a fan of it and eventually plan to recover it in velvet (we haven't decided yet whether emerald green, royal purple, or house, new furniture, so of course we have to finally decorate!). I just love that it originally was a velvet couch, with a tufted back to boot!

    And I too love the lamp in this pic!

  5. Let's talk about that chandelier in the background...

  6. How exciting! I absolutely LOVE jewel-tones! I'm actually looking for the perfect bedroom chair to upholster in plum as well!

    I've always loved that photo of Lauren's emerald sofa. So beautiful!


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