Thursday, September 24, 2009

four eyes

Do you remember back in May I blogged about this chic gal and her awesome dorky-cute glasses?

Well today in the mail I got my $12 cheap-o glasses in the mail and I do really like them!

Excuse the crappy photo - this was the only angle I could get that didn't have a mega glare. (I spy..... my lounging husband)

For those who need some new specs, check out this site, the prices are amazing and the quality is good (enough). I definitely planning on order another pair in the future.

EDIT - I have to add they are prescription! Sorry about the confusion. But yes, if you know your Rx then you can order glasses for $12 (and that includes shipping). Isn't the internet amazing??


  1. I love those glasses! I just got a new pair myself, but I'll keep that website in mind for the future. Love your blog, best wishes as you continue your venture into home design!

  2. I still have my fave tortoise shell glasses, sort of cat shaped...

  3. Do they come in prescription... I am totally BLIND. :) Thanks!

  4. Sarah - they definitely ARE prescription! I am very blind, too. And I'm not one to wear "fake" glasses hehe, I'm not that trendy :)

  5. My glasses are ancient and I DO need new ones, but I always have to try on about 10 million pairs before I decide on a good one...and mind you, I only wear them at home.

  6. Thanks for the site with the glasses! That is cheap, and I'm in need of a new pair once I get my eyes checked again. Yours look adorable.


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