Thursday, August 20, 2009

Living Vicariously

Have you heard of White Berry Reinvented? If you are a Canadian, you are lucky enough to be able to take advantage of Holly's amazing refurbished furniture pieces. Recently, she blogged about this gorgeous one:

Well, it just so happens that a previous idea board client of mine emailed me asking if one of Holly's pieces would look good in her dining room:

I said HECK YEAH and directed her to the piece above. The gray top would look amazing with the gray accents I chose for her.

Well... she got it! I'm so excited, I can't wait to see how it looks in her space. I'm definitely living vicariously through her and her proximity to White Berry :)


  1. This is a great mix and helps to elevate the piece from "shabby chic" to just plain chic! Great styling Bryn!

  2. Thanks so much Bryn!! I am VERY excited to meet Katie in the next few days~

  3. What? That's awesome!!! So cool for both you and Holly!! (Isn't the stuff she's doing gorgeous?!)

  4. Bryn! Holly is from my hometown in Edmonton, Canada. Believe me - there is sooo much talent in that city. Holly is no exception. I'm shedding a tear for the homeland as I read your post. Hurrah for great design and hurrah for the great white north.

  5. LOVE the white buffet/server piece on your idea board? Could you direct me to who makes it?


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