Saturday, June 13, 2009

New York City - June 2009

Finally! Pictures [and a recap] of the trip! I'll jump right in...

Let's start with saying that I love food. Probably one of the things I was most excited about was the food in NY. We flew in Sat night red eye, got to the hotel and slept for a couple hours. Around 9 am, we left the hotel and headed straight to the local NY bagel place...

It was really really good. Everything bagel + egg + cheese. When we walked out of the tiny bagel shop we looked for a bench to sit and eat. Umm.... NO benches in NYC. It's funny how New Yorker's don't sit and just enjoy their breakfast ;) [little did we know we could have walked just a couple blocks to eat on the steps of the library]. We found a Starbucks with a window view to sit down and eat.

After breakfast we walked to Hell's Kitchen for a little flea market perusing.

There was so much great stuff...

but I didn't buy anything.

After the flea market we headed over to the history museum for an amazing astronomy exhibit/movie called Cosmic Collisions. I love astronomy and it was so fun! We also checked out the dinosaurs..

That's one scary face! (me not the dinosaur)

Are you still with me? Can you believe the first day isn't over yet? Next up we headed over to the famous Shake Shack. We were expecting something earth shaking.... I'm sorry to say it disappointed.

I have to admit, it looks pretty freaking amazing in the picture. But I'm still an In n Out girl at heart.

The shake was pretty good.

We were pretty hungry, so we filled up and headed on over to Central Park for a much needed afternoon of R&R

It was one of the most beautiful days ever... the temperature was absolutely perfect and I took an amazing nap on the grass. Matt took a picture of me napping but I am definitely not showing that one ;)

After our lovely afternoon, we headed back to the hotel to relax some more (we did take the red eye after all!) and decided on dinner. We picked Di Fara's. I saw on Yelp and other sites that it's the best pizza in all of New York. We hopped on the Q subway and headed for Brooklyn.

This old man makes all the pizza and has been for 40 years. He pulls the pizza out of the oven with his bare hands (!!!)

Ohh my gosh it was amazing. BUT here's the catch - we waited two and a half hours for it!

Remember I said I love food? Matt got a little crabby after the second hour had passed, but the second we got it, it was all worth it.

Phew! It was a long first day but we had such a great time doing so many things. What an amazing city!

The next two days the husband had his work meetings (did I tell you? The entire trip, minus my airfare, was free thanks to my husband's meetings! Hence why it was so last minute). On Monday morning I met up with Jessica from What I Wore. She took me to one of the best thrift stops I've ever been to! (Beacon's Closet). It was so amazing and I got some great stuff. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take pictures (I even hauled my heavy DLR to Brooklyn.. bummer!). She is so sweet and I had a great time. Thanks, Jessica!

We spent the rest of the day walking, walking and walking from Chinatown to Soho to NYU. During the walk I found some great paint colors...

I got some great little Chinatown items (earrings and sunglasses) and we sat in the park by NYU. A great afternoon. We then ate in Little Italy with my husband's cousin who lives in the city.

On the way home we did finally pull out the camera to snap some pictures.

I loved those benches! Probably only tourists use them, eh?

The last day was really low key. The husband went to his final meeting and I headed over to the Met art museum. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to check out the exhibits before our flight, but I did a little walking around.

See those rain clouds in the background?

Right when we got back to the hotel it started pouring. I LOVED it and the hotel employees thought I was crazy for getting excited about rain. I told them how it rarely rains in California, especially never that hard. It reminded me of home (I grew up in tornado alley).

After the showers passed, we walked to an awesome deli that had pretty much everything. I ended the trip with an amazing bowl of hot ramen.

Sorry the post is so long winded!

We had SUCH a great time full of beautiful sites, amazing food and great company. We've decided that whenever my husband has meetings in NY I'll tag along with him (it's usually once or twice a year).

To be super cliche... I heart NY :D


  1. Thanks for sharing!!!

    I heart NYC, too!! It's such an amazing city.

  2. I would love to visit New York. And when I do, I am bringing 2 extra suitcases so I can shop to my hearts content at flea markets. Such cute stuff!

  3. What a great trip. Thanks for sharing. I'm an In n Out girl all the way-animal style is my fave.

  4. BRYNN! i'm glad you had a good time!

    PS i love reading your blog! you are so fun/cute and if you ever head to STL, you must let me know!


  5. Next time you return to NY, you will come here and we will prepare you a heavenly meal, you will not have to wait- (2 hours) and we will have a royal bench for you both! Love all your photos of NY. We love it so!

  6. What a fun trip! Love your pix.


  7. NYC- one my favorite places in the world. If you want an amazing burger, next time try the Burger Joint inside Le Parker Meridian. Trust me, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  8. Great recap, looks like you and your husband had such a great trip! Love your food highlights too!

  9. Glad you had a great time! I am a Long Islander, so seeing what other people think of our city is always fun!

  10. I love all the pictures! I'm glad you had a great trip :)

  11. What a lovely trip Bryn!
    I can't wait for my NYC trip to visit my brother in law later this year!

  12. don't appologize -- i love your long picture-filled posts. One of my favorites ever!!!

  13. Looks like you had a great time! I was in NYC this past weekend, and it was great fun! Unfortunately, it was only for the day, but next time I'm going to actually plan things out a little better and make some of the flea markets and shops (it doesn't help that it poured most of Saturday...)

  14. What fun! I loved your post. I visit NYC about once a week and it's still just so much fun to me. And I completely second Lynette...Burger Joint is SO good! I also LOVE JG Melon on the UES for a great burger. Perfect after an afternoon in the park. Next time you're in NYC you'll have to let me know...I'd love to meet the famous Newlywedisms By Bryn. : )

  15. I too agree that Shake Shack was a diappointment. I love NYC and all the energy it brings into your life after a visit there. Love your blog and creative mind.

  16. So glad you had a fun trip! We heart the Shake Shak!! It's our fave. Way to go on having the self discipline not to splurge at the market!! :)

  17. I love my city....and our bagels (sigh) all of NY in general :)

  18. I can't believe you went to Difaras. I know where it is but Ive never been b/c I can't be bothered to hang out there. Its sort of a seedy area and Im not into eating in places that look like that. (Not to mention pizza is pretty good everywhere in bklyn so I dont see the big deal)

    Beacons Closet is a few minutes from my house!

  19. Oooooh! I want those KEYS for my nursery!


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