Monday, May 11, 2009

recent favorites & white

I've noticed that recently my favorite spaces have had white walls... here are a couple I'm loving right now:

[via tyh]

I'm always on the look out for unconventional uses for "formal living rooms". Since my husband and I rarely entertain (we're introverts), a formal living room is not conducive to us. This room, however, would be used a lot - that chaise is just begging for a good book!

[country living]

Another recent favorite - that painting is perfection, and white walls, again....


  1. suddenly, I find myself wanting white walls too-
    I think there is something cleansing about white.
    pretty rooms, clean and fresh.

  2. I know!! I was considering white walls too...I ended up with a white sand color. I love the inspiration photos!

  3. I love all those summer, I love simple rooms like that, they're so clean and fresh! I really love love that painting the bedroom!

  4. I love me some white!!! Those are gorgeous rooms~

  5. the monochrome and that moss green wow so simple yet so dramatic and the great thing is you could always change the accent colour and the look would still work:)

  6. I was really into black furniture last year and decked out our spare bedroom in all black with red and white. It looks great.


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