Sunday, March 1, 2009

Re-Org Update

This past New Years I made a list of everything I wanted to re-organize and purge. It pretty much ended up being the entire house. As I have said before, I've always been anti-clutter... but to make my life easier (or so I thought), I'd put all the clutter behind drawers and doors. My biggest New Years Resolution was to open those doors and drawers and get rid of all that crap.

Things are coming along great and I thought I'd post my original New Years Resolution list to share my progress.

master bathroom
Bryn's closet
Matt's closet
guest bathroom
guest closet 1
guest closet 2
master dresser
hall closet
linen closet
downstairs bath
kitchen drawers

Small Organization:
misc. decor

Look at all those strike-through's! I can't believe how much crap I've accumulated in my 7 years of adult life, and it feels so good to get rid of everything I don't need. In fact, now as I look at all my stuff organized and put away, it makes me feel as though I should purge even more (Do I really need 10 smelly candles? A person probably only needs 2... Do I really need to keep all those chick lit books? I'll never read them again...) But I'll worry about that after I have everything crossed off my list.

So you may be thinking, why aren't you taking pictures and sharing your progress with us, Bryn? Well... the truth is I'm doing this re-org on a $0 budget. I have no fancy baskets to hold our linens, no pretty boxes to hold my crafts. The end result is organized, but not blog-worth pretty. I did decide to put up some pictures I do have up on my flickr.

So as the weather gets warmer and spring is coming, I encourage all of you to purge the unneeded! It feels really really good.


  1. Nice job!
    You motivate a girl.
    How about a Chick Lit swap?
    E-mail me if you're interested!

  2. Girl, do I hear ya! I'm notorious for shoving stuff into drawers to create the appearance of a clean and organized space (but, heaven forbid...someone looks in my drawers or cabinets...eeek!). I've been on the same organization kick lately. I wish my list had as many accomplishments as yours!

  3. I need to do this! Your an inspiration!

  4. I'm all over it girl! The theme of my life for 2009, SIMPLY!!!
    "Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler!"
    In depth, purge and organize, it's the theme of my song =)
    Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Nice job!
    You motivate a girl.
    How about a Chick Lit swap?
    E-mail me if you're interested!


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