Tuesday, January 20, 2009


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Dear Barack,

At first I can't say I liked you. What can I say, ever since I was able to vote I've voted Republican... it just kind was natural growing up in Texas. I didn't vote for you in this election. However, I was thisclose to voting for you and once you won, I was very happy. I won't always agree with your policies, but I'm officially smitten with you. You are an inspiring person and I'm excited to see what's to come. Today I am proud to be an American, and I can't wait to watch your Inauguration (which is being tivo'd at our house right now).



  1. Can I just say that we need more people like you. I grew up in a Republican household and I'm a bit embarrassed by all the negativity being projected by angry voters. In my mind, it's Day One. Give the guy a chance, let him do some work, and then pass judgment.

  2. Definitely a day to be proud to be an American!

    And I am with you- I'm smitten with him as well!

  3. Heard that! I was so moved watching him. All activity ceased in our office during his swearing-in. I'm just elated!

  4. I have always been smitten and always will be. What I have not been smitten with is what he will be inheriting. I am a Texan to, just with a different vote. But this country showed him great love. Love never before seen for a president. WOW!

  5. Ditto. (I find myself agreeing to your original post, Bryn, and also with everyone else's comments).

    I am inspired by the hope in the air! It will be exciting to see the changes brought about in the next 4 years - not only by our new president, but also by everyday, ordinary Americans coming together to make our communities and our country a better place to live.

  6. I am so excited for this day and very proud of our country!

  7. We live in a split household, the husband is a republican. Even he is excited for a change and thought Obama's speech was good.

    I am so proud of our country today. I hope that the spirit of action, service, and giving is encouraged throughout his presidency.

  8. You've got great gratitude and attitude. That's why I nominated you. Come see! http://weddedwhims.blogspot.com/

    On the other hand, I agree- wayyy to much negativity from both sides. :)


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