Friday, December 19, 2008

I feel ashamed...

...that I can't lose 15 lbs!

I watched only one episode of Biggest Loser, but deemed Amy my favorite. After a whole season has come and gone, I checked out the website today to see who won, and was SHOCKED to see Amy's transformation (not the winner)



Absolutely amazing. I'm using this as motivation!

On a side note, the weather has been COLD here in So Cal this week, so I've been exercising inside to free On Demand videos - Biggest Loser ones to be exact!


  1. You should have watched the season finale. It is my favorite 2 hours of tv all year. So inspiring!

  2. Yeah she looked so great. Lots of them did!

  3. This just reminded me I need to go tanning! LOL - I always look thinner tan! Best cheating method ever!


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