Friday, November 21, 2008

Running Day 4

I stayed out an 10 extra minutes today (walked the extra time).

It was such a beautiful day to get out today.

I did pretty well, didn't feel like dying, I think I'm getting the hang of this...

I may or may not get out tomorrow morning, but I'm coming close to the end of Week 1. I'm going to continue with the current "circuit" I'm doing so I can continue to build up my endurance before I move to 1 minute-2 minutes.

I've been weighing myself and I'm still stuck around 142/143 (5'7), but I did have McDonalds and pizza this week. Oh well, we all make mistakes ;)

As long as I can make it through my Thanksgiving holiday without gaining weight....

While we're on the topic of my weight, I was around 135 at my wedding:

{my best America's Next Top Model pose}

I could live with 135 as a goal weight, and I'd be happy with 130. (And for those who are curious - my heaviest was 151 about a couple months ago - I've already lost almost 10 pounds just changing up my diet, thanks to Eat Like Me).

personal side note: I didn't do measurements, I should probably do those in addition to weighing myself. I know muscle weighs more than fat.


  1. I am having the same issues with weight I lost a ton at the wedding time...not sure how much because I never weighed myself but now I am at 144 at 5'8" butI can't motivate myself to get up in the mornings! Keep up the great work :)

  2. I think you look great! But I know we are more critical of ourselves. I totally understand not feeling comfortable in your own skin. I hate even getting on the scale. Seeing that I'm not what I weighed in h.s. is shocking even though I'm still what you consider a good weight. For some reason I happened to have gotten hips for my 24 birthday and now at 27 they are still here with no where to go. Boo. You are getting me to think about starting to go running. Small steps. I think I might try out this weekend.

  3. I too am struggling with post-wedding weight gain... I have gained about 10 pounds in 10 months (yikes!) and just can't find the motivation to work out like I did. Before the wedding I was doing 6 hours of cardio a week and 2 intense weight lifting hours with a trainer... You look amazing in your pictures and I'm sure you look great now too! I am an inch shorter and 10 pounds heavier than you so I think you're doing great!

  4. Your wedding picture is AMAZING!!!

  5. Are you my twin? Im having the exact same issues with the exact same numbers...Im 5'7 too. This morning was 142 again! The scale won't budge! Im trying to be extra careful but its hard around the holidays. I guess I'll be happy if I maintain through the holidays too.


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