Monday, November 10, 2008

Idea Board: My First Client

As you know, I just love doing idea boards. The sweetest gal, Laurie, emailed me reaching out for my help - and offered to pay me! I asked a couple of my nest and blog friends what they thought, and they encouraged me to charge for my work and helped me determine a price. I came up with $10.

I wanted to share my first "client" idea board with you - it was quite a challenge since Laurie and her husband picked out quite an adventurous paint color and had most of the key pieces already. BUT I loved a challenge, and I loved their room!

Here are a couple images of her current space:

I first came back with this idea board with a slate blue accent color:

Laurie had already purchased these curtains below, so I did some tweaks and came up with this:


- Currently this room has a sort of "African" feel with the vases and colors. I wanted to add in some elegance and modern touches to transform this room into a more Contemporary space.

- The key part of this room re-design is to create interest and light above the sofa - to do this I added two large mirrors and two wall sconces to hang above the couch.

- Each window will feature four panels no matter what size the window is - a pair of the drapes and also a pair of the sheers. This will also include the window in the dining room. This will create drama in the space and make the windows look larger than they really are.

- I added a large art wall for the owners to display their art and their collection of vases. Instead of scattering the vases around the room, they now can decrease clutter and put them in vignettes on the shelves. (Depending on the space, they can put up up to three shelves).

- The Living Room is currently disconnected with the rest of the room - I told the owners to paint the living room the same pallet as the wall behind the tv.

- Baskets will add storage and soften the harsh lines of the ottoman.

- Two brown couches in a room can work - as long as they are different textures and extremely different colors. I found this very dark leather couch to offset the lighter sectional.

1. Smart Bargain Blue Drapes
2. Ikea White Sheers
3a. Steel Blue Velvet Couch - Z Gallerie
3b. Dark brown Leather Loveseat - JCP
4. Art Wall: Art from West Elm, Etsy sellers krisblues and AliciaBock,
5. Art Wall: Frames and Shelves from Ikea
6. Throw Pillow from
7. Throw Pillow from
8. Wall Sconces from West Elm
9. Mirrors from Z Gallerie
10. New wall colors for Living Room
11. Roman Shade for front door window
12. Boxes from Ikea

I had such a blast doing this board (especially since it's much more detailed than my normal boards). Please shoot me an email if you'd like me to do one for you!

Thanks, Laurie!


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!! You are super talented. I lvoe all the stuff and how you put a background to it. LOVE! Can't wait for more!!!

  2. I love it!! You are so talented!!!! Now I need to fly to you to Iowa to redecorate my whole house!!!

  3. Great job Bryn! I love all your ideas!

  4. I love your ideas Bryn! Where are the two tone drapes from in your second picture? TYH has it's work cut out for them with you selling idea boards!!! :)

  5. Great really have a knack for this!

  6. Amazing! You have done it again! :)

  7. Love it!! Great choices!

  8. Great job Bryn! It's so nice that you can use your creativity to help others and you're having fun. That orange color is certainly adventurous!

  9. look at you rollin in the dough! I personally think your idea boards are priceless :)

  10. Great job Bryn! I love all your ideas!


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