Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Idea Board: Loft Love

I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I've had a handful of people ask me to do idea boards, and it makes me so happy to be able to do them. I'm not a professional, but I have a true passion for putting spaces together, even if it's just a hodgepodge of images ;)

This idea board was SO fun. Melissa emailed me and said she had a loft space that just had a sectional, a tv and some dark wood side tables and coffee table in it. Pretty much a blank canvas! She described her style as "Nathan and Preston" from Top Design and I knew this room would be a blast.

{click to enlarge}


- Art Wall: Melissa wanted to keep her walls white, so I knew that gave me room to be very creative with the walls. I imagine a large art wall with all different sizes, colors and textures for the frames. For the art, the possibilities are endless - paintings, prints, photographs, clippings from magazines and newspapers. You can really find art anywhere. An inexpensive place to find beautiful photography and images is W magazine. I have framed many things from that magazine. Also, you can find paintings on Etsy and eBay, and Etsy is a great place for photography and prints.

- Lantern: I found a seller on eBay who sells the best vintage Moroccan pendants. The best part, they are pretty inexpensive. When you turn this one on, it leaves a beautiful pattern on the wall; very romantic for nights that you don't have the tv on.

- TV Storage: Every since Ikea came out with their lacquered wood grain storage units, I've been drooling over them. I thought it was perfect for this space; it reminds me of Nathan.

- Textiles: Melissa mentioned to me she doesn't like bright colors and would like to keep things neutral. I chose some light green drapes (they can make the room so inviting). For the pillows, I chose two awesome pillows from World Market - a houndstooth and a leaf motif. Both have personality but are casual too. Lastly, I think these two rugs would be perfect for layering. They both are subtle, and they both have a check pattern so they play off of each other perfectly. (The tan rug also has a bit of green in it, too!)


1. The images of the pictures are from here. Both mirrors are from Ikea.
2. eBay seller gouda78
3. smartbargains.com
4. West Elm
5. Ikea
6. & 7. World Market


  1. I am such a fan of your blog! I love your style and you're so creative. The idea board looks great! Do you use the lasso tool to cut out the photos or is there an easier to do that? I'm a Photoshop beginner and I could use some help!

  2. Rebecca, I do use the lasso tool. I don't use it too carefully sometimes though, hence the jagged lines, but I'm sure everyone gets the idea ;)

  3. so cute! I might just need your help soon :)

  4. This is so great! Amazing, again!

  5. You know I get weak in the knees seeing those old portrait paintings. Do you have a source for them I don't know about?


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