Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wedding Week: Rehearsal Dinner

At the actual Rehearsal, it was freezing! I was stressed because the weather was cloudy and cold - thank god it was nothing like that on our wedding day!

Practicing this was surreal... did I mention it was humid too?

Our Rehearsal Dinner was the best ever - casual, low key. Just a great night with family and friends. My in-laws hosted it in their home and cooked some great Italian food. They have a great backyard and it was the perfect weather and setting!

The party was well equipped with a So Co & lime machine and Jager machine compliments of Matt's bachelor brother. Tacky? Perhaps. But definitely a hit!

The food was great!

The soon-to-be husband and my parents, doesn't he look good and happy? Good!

My grandparents

My brothers and I

My family (dad's side)

Me and the parentals.

My cousin (bridesmaid) and I

One of my favorite parts - giving out the gifts. In this picture you can see we did pictures of all my grandparents on their wedding day with a picture of us. It was sentimental, and inexpensive.

Where's Matt's family? Unfortunately I only have copies of pictures my mom took.

All in all it was a great night! I wouldn't have wanted it any different!


  1. Love the jager machine idea... I am sure it was a hit :) PRetty dress too and great gift idea :)

  2. what a great party! your dress is fantastic!

  3. The photo gift is a super sweet idea! It seems like you did a lot of your stuff hands on....we did the same and I loved the personal touch it added :)


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