Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Z Gallerie's New Items

If you haven't stopped by zgallerie.com lately, I suggest you go check it out! They have some great new items at surprisingly affordable prices! Here are some of my favorites -

Mariposa Pillar Holders $10-$13

Blue Cloud Vases $15-$20

Wood Veneer Pendant $149


  1. I have been loving Z Gallerie more and more lately. such great stuff!

  2. They just opened one 20 min from our house. I'm asking for Z Gallerie gift cards for my birthday from now on....and for our anniversary and any major holiday =)

  3. I LOVE Z Gallerie. We bought our dining room chandelier there - it's the linear crystal one. Love it! They have some great lamps and candlesticks that want to come home with me. :)

  4. thank you so much for this post! it led me to find the PERFECT birthday gift for my husband. (wire sculpture of a drummer)

  5. I'm enjoying your blog...am adding you to my blog roll. Have a great weekend!


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