Monday, June 2, 2008

Old Habits Die Hard

My dad and brother were in town this past weekend. Brett just graduated undergrad from Texas and is off to Houston for med school, so he and my dad did a "Graduation Man Vacation" before he heads off to sleepless nights of studying and clinicals. My dad and my brother headed out in my dad's van from Texas to California and stopped to enjoy many baseball games, mountain biking and golfing along the way.

Brett, Dad and Blake (who did not go on the Man's Trip due to finals) at our wedding.

We had a great weekend packed full of fun Southern California types of things - Friday night pizza and beer at a local joint, Saturday Angels game (GREAT game), Sunday bike riding and then off to Temecula).

Speaking of bike riding, my dad is an avid biker. He's told us again and again how lucky we are to have amazing trails behind our house, and I mentioned to him I wanted to buy a bike. He then set out on a mission to find me the best bike for the least amount of money... and we settled on this Schwinn Hybrid bike.

It's the perfect bike for me - I'm able to use it as a street bike but also a mountain bike (hence the hybrid name). My dad bought it for me for my birthday.


We took it on a ride on Sunday and I had a blast - you forget how much fun it is until you pick it up again - I felt like a kid again.

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