Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Mirena Experience

WARNING: This is a TMI post.

I want to share my experience, as I have mentioned before, for all those woman who are considering Mirena as a birth control option. So here it is!

Matt was such a great husband, and met me at the hospital to be support for me while I got my Mirena. We got to the waiting room - and it was so cute seeing all of the pregnant women there with their husbands. One couple was there for their "big ultrasound" and had just found out they were having a boy, it was so cute seeing how excited they were!

Anyway, so we get into the room and the nurse says, "you took a lot of advil, didn't you?" haha! I was like um, no they didn't tell me to do that - aren't you guys going to numb me? She said oh no, we don't do that here. It's going to be very painful then!

So yeah, I was a little scared. I did have some advil with me though, so I swallowed a couple down and got prepared.

I won't go into TOO much detail but they had to do two things - make sure that my uterus was large enough to put in the Mirena, and then actually put it in.

It was VERY painful. I kept telling them now I had a preview of what childbirth is like, and they actually agreed with me! Turns out my uterus is very small, and they weren't sure if it would work. The nurse actually had quite a bit of trouble getting it in because I have a tilted uterus, and she said I was trooper because she had to really do some painful things in there.

As for the pain, I tried being tough but at one point the only thing that made it feel better was breathing like woman do in labor (haha I was so embarassed! But this is what they told me to do haha). I got really hot, and for a second I thought I may faint (but I was laying down lol).

After they took everything out, I felt much better. It still hurt pretty bad. The nurse rushed me into an ultrasound, which doesn't usually happen. She didn't really tell me why, but I think she was afraid that it punctured through my uterus, which does happen (it's RARE) during insertion. But luckily the ultrasound technician reported everything looked normal! I jokingly asked if I could keep the pictures, they didn't think that was too funny haha.

Last night I was pretty crampy, and just laid low. Today, a day after, I'm still feeling some cramps, but I just took some advil and I'm fine :) All in all, it wasn't a bad experience, and if it does work out and stays in, I'll have birth control covered for 5 years, and the possibility of no periods!! So I'm really hoping and praying I don't experience expulsion, which happens within the first month.

I'll keep you updated, as always :)


  1. I'm glad it's over for you, and I hope you're resting comfortably! Oh, and thanks for the offer to make be a blog header last night - I tried my hand at doing it on my own, so we'll see if I keep it :-)


  2. OMG I hope I didn't jinx you with the tilted uterus comment. LOL never thought I'd write that. I hope you are feeling better.


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