Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Life In Pictures

I saw this on Life Is Beautiful's blog (link on sidebar) and thought it would be fun :)

To play:
1) Go to
2) Type in your answer for each question in the search bar.
3) Using only the first two pages, choose your favorite photo to represent your answer.
4) Copy and paste the html here.

1) What is your first name?

(Obviously the name Bryn didn't bring up too many results - but this adorable dog is named Bryn :)

2) When is your birthday?

3) What kind of car do you want?

4) Where did you go to school?

5) What is your favorite season?

6) What is your favorite type of shoes?

7) What is your status?

(I kid, I love being married :)

8) What is your favorite movie?

9) What is your favorite song?

10) Who is your favorite Disney character?

11) What is your favorite clothing line?

12) What is your favorite vacation destination?

13)What is your favorite dessert?

14) What is your favorite letter?

15) What are you most afraid of?

16) What is your favorite TV show?

17) What annoys you the most?

18) What is your job?

19) What is your favorite animal?

20) How old are you?

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