Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sofas - Round 1

Okay so I talked with my husband about the whole Great Room Debate. I think we are finally making some head room. I've compromised on having SOMETHING face the tv (yes it will block off the room - but as long as I can put a kick ass console table there, I'm okay with it, and it will make my husband happy).

It was actually MATT who brought up the fact that we shouldn't get a sectional, because we should keep the furniture we have in there now. It's nice furniture (although not the most comfortable), why would we not keep it in that room?

So that brought us to the conclusion to get a full sofa to put facing towards the TV. Here is a room mock-up:

(I have no idea if those are the dimensions of the room, but we'll go with it. It looks similar.)

So here are the contenders........
(I'm looking for a dark brown velvet or velvet-looking style).

These first three are from Z Gallerie and are on the top of our budget.

Chloe Sofa - On Sale for $1199.99 - 89''W x 39''D x 35''H
Pros: Great style, Great size and Great Price (for Z Gallerie)
Cons: It's on sale - so no returns.

Linden Sofa - $1399 - 92''W x 48''D x 35''H
Pros: Great size, SO COMFORTABLE (This is the only one I've seen IRL so far)
Cons: Expensive, Matt hates the pillows and I'm iffy about the rivets.

Quinn Sofa - $1399 - 85''W x 39''D x 38''H
Pros: How could you not love this sofa? It's simply beautiful.
Cons: Cost, it's a little on the short side (length).

These are from Macy's, however, I'm not sure if we can see them in store or not. We are going on Saturday to South Coast to see. (They have a special Macy's Home Store).

Tyler Velvet Sofa - $699 - 82"W x 40"D x 30"H
Pros: Price, love the look.
Cons: It's so small! The console table I want to put behind it is 34" - so this just would not work :(

Corona Sofa - $699 - 81.5"W x 37"D x 37"H
Pros: Love the sleek design and the price.
Cons: Very short in length - but the height is great.

This particular sofa makes me laugh - I always told Matt I would never go for a recliner sofa - but low and behold this one is a recliner sofa.
Carson Sofa - $999 - 87"W x 40"D x 35"H
Pros: Matt LOVES the fact that it has two recliners, and it's a nice size.
Cons: The price, and not sure if I'm really loving the style.

Last, but not least, a jcp.com sofa:

Custom Brennen Sofa - $599 - 82x36x36"H
Pros: Love that it's velvet, and love the price!!
Cons: Seems to be on the small side, and we cannot go see it in the store. (However it's a knock-off of PB's Sofa).

Phew! That's it for now. Isn't it funny how much of a compulsive planner I am? Hopefully we can go check out some of these sofa's this weekend!


  1. I forgot to add- I think Chloe is def my favorite. It's the perfect size and so chic. AND it's velvet which I am dying for :)


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