Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Beatles = Love

I LOVE the Beatles.

I don't really "love" many types of music.... I "like" pretty much EVERYTHING - I'm one of those people when you ask me what type of music I like, I say everything and I mean it. Totally eclectic.

But if I had to listen to only band for the rest of my life, it'd definitely be The Beatles. I know, I know, SO cliche. Who wouldn't pick them?

Anyway, for those of who you read this blog and were not at our wedding, I wanted to share an amazing song with you - I found it on YouTube right before the wedding and knew it HAD to be the song my dad and I danced to.

My dad and I aren't really emotional, we just enjoyed our time up on that dance floor to this amazing song. I owe all my favorite good music to my dad - thank you, Dad for raising me on The Police, Tears for Fears, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and thank you for NOT letting me know who New Kids On The Block were.

And here it is....

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  1. I'm with you- I ADORE the Beatles, thanks to my dad. My favorite memories are of him and I dancing and singing to Rubber Soul. That is one of the greatest albums of all time! :)



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