Monday, January 7, 2008

The Pottery Barn Manhattan

I've always believed that Pottery Barn is overpriced for what they sell. I still LOVE everything they make, but I strictly use them for inspiration.

However, there is one thing that I just don't know if I can find anywhere else! It's the Pottery Barn Manhattan couch.

It's structured enough to look contemporary, but cushy enough to lounge. In fact, M and I have had a love affair with Pottery Barn Manhattan since 2002. I've already figured out how I want to arrange our great room:

Two beautiful Hazelnut colored Manhattans facing each other.

However, the price tag for these couches alone (not including anything else I would want to do to the great room) will equal $5,798, not including tax and shipping.

Definitely NOT going to happen in this lifetime. So I will just have to be on a search for the perfect replica.

PLEASE let me know if you see anything!


  1. Have you tried They always have great finds!

    Hey..I'm adding you to my favorites as well! :)

  2. Have you looked at They do pretty good replications for a more reasonable price.


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