Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Things are pretty crazy right now! I am wrapping up some projects and busy buy busy.

Right now I am painting a dresser for a client. Her walls are blue and I chose a darker blue for the dresser to create a monochromatic look. I haven't done this before but I think it will turn out really cool!



(Benjamin Moore Advance paint is hands down THE best paint for furniture (and trim) EVER... the picture above is just ONE COAT of paint! It's pricey but well worth it... I'm a convert for life.

Now I'm off to Isabella where we are also very busy!


  1. I'm thinking this may be just the color I am looking for for a desk in my guest room...can't wait to see it finished!!

  2. I've been trying for weeks to buy that dang advance paint and no one in my state carries it. And benjamin moore doesn't sell it online. What a bummer! I might have to stock up next time I visit family out of state. I even had a coupon for a free gallon. I'm still sad. Look forward to seeing your finished design. Sounds really cool!

  3. It's funny you are showing those paint colors.  I was considering doing the same thing in our bathroom.  Painting the walls the lighter color & the vanity the darker blue.    My huband thinks we should paint the vanity grey because the tile's grout is grey.  Do you think I could still go through with my plan even though we have grey grout?  Is my husband the only one that worries about grout color?

  4. Looking good! I have been wanting to try this paint! So glad to hear another good review!

  5. Can you please tell me the name of the darker color? I have been looking for that perfect shade to paint a dresser for my living room and that color is exaxctly what I have been looking for, so pretty.

  6. Love the color!  Glad to know the BM Advance is worth the price.

  7. Totally agree about the BM Advance paint.  I just used it for a nightstand and it rolled on and dried so smoothly!  Definitely worth the price!

  8. You have a beautiful home! I love all that you have created in your spaces!
    Excited to read more!


  9. Bryn, When you paint dressers do you normally sand them first? I have a light wood dresser (might be MDF, it was from target so not very expensive piece) that I want to paint white/gray and i'm not sure if I need to spend time sanding it or not.

  10. beautiful colors! I think it will look awesome.


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