Monday, December 7, 2009

Handmade for the Holiday: Feminine Appliques

Today's Handmade holiday gift pick is something that you can make! Remember when J.Crew came out with their beautiful applique t-shirts? Unfortunately this is the only picture I can find from that collection:

If you have a sister, mom, friend, daughter who loved this look then you can get crafty and create it yourself this holiday season!
has a beautiful collection of applique trim, found here.

I pieced together some of the appliques with simple, classic shirts from Forever 21, and here is the result:

Simply piece the tees and appliques together with fabric or applique glue which can be purchased at your local craft store.

Crafting not your thing? You can buy homemade applique necklaces that create a very similar affect. I love these pieces by Etsy seller Bejewelled Bespoke:


  1. Great idea Bryn! I actually bought a necklace similiar to those at Forever 21 this weekend!

  2. nice ideas to add some "bling" to the holidays!

  3. nice ideas to add some "bling" to the holidays!


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