Friday, November 6, 2009

Outerwear Sale

Hey folks, Old Navy is having an outerwear sale! Up to 50% off.

I ordered this emerald beauty this morning*:

Best part, carries tall sizes, which is a big plus for me. Arms on coats are always sooo short on me, especially Old Navy coats. I'm really hoping the coat works out.

I'm heading to the East Coast for Thanksgiving this year, so some winter wear is needed. I'd love to pair up this pretty coat with some pretty cognac leather riding gloves:

And some Buccaneer boots, too :)

*I ordered this coat because unfortunately the Mod Cloth one I ordered didn't look good. Bummer!


  1. I saw that coat today when I bought my Cadet Jacket (which I was eagery anticipating going on sale and am also about to do a blog post on!). It's a beautiful color, hope it works out for you! Gotta love ON's outerwear sales! My last three coats have come from those!

  2. Sweden calling...

    So glad I stumbled on your lovely lovely blog today, it's always nice to find other blogger out and about on the net! Sooooo nice post!

    Peace & Love


  3. The emerald color coat is fab!!

  4. I bought this coat today. Since I used my gap card, they gave me an extra 30% off...made the coat only about $30! What a deal. The emerald color is fabulous!

  5. dont you hate having long arms? AARRRGHHHH! or and awesome coat!

  6. Very cute coat, I love the color...


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