Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

1.) Sterin went this week for their big ultrasound, but unfortunately there was no "money shot" to be had. Here is a (blurry) picture of what we think is SOMETHING... but it could be a boy part, a girl part, or an umbilical cord.

(it's laying on it's back with it's little knees and arms up if you cannot see it correctly - see that something in between the legs?)

Because the big u/s wasn't so "big" - Sterin found an u/s school that will give her one for free! AND her Dr. said she'd take a stab at it on Monday also. Sterin made the u/s school appointment tomorrow, and since the hubs cannot go, I get to! I'm so excited :) I'm so glad she lets me live vicariously through her since Matt and I won't be having kids for a really long time.

2.) I have big plans to paint the guest room this weekend.... I've been saying that for a while but I really have the itch. Plus I plan on doing white, and the room is small, so I'm thinking it won't be much of an effort. Here is my inspiration photo (I've posted before):

I'm still trying to find the perfect beige-peach bedding... I have this duvet cover from collage that I may just use:

(another example of how my tastes have changed! ah!)

3.) Our current laundry situation is just not working. It ends up piling up, I mean really - does anyone really love doing laundry? Our current situation is a wicker basket in our bathroom and a sorter downstairs in our 'laundry room' aka the garage. The problem is, is that our weekly amount of clothing does not fit in the wicker basket and is usually over-flowing by laundry day (and doing laundry multiple days a week isn't going to happen until it has to, aka when we have kids). On laundry day, we bring all the laundry down and it usually misses the organized sorting step and goes straight from the pile to multiple piles to the washer.

SO, I have plans on creating a sorting system upstairs in our bathroom so the laundry is pre-sorted and ready to go come laundry day. I found these on

It's a simple canvas standing tote. I would love to get two and stencil "D" on one for Darks and "L" on the other for Lights. Just like she did:

These will then live in our bathroom out of view and voila! An easier solution to one of our most dreaded tasks.

And let me say it again. I. hate. laundry.

4.) If I don't get around to painting the guest room this weekend, hopefully I will at least hang the frames I purchased for our office. I cannot wait to see the finished project! I hope it looks half as good as hers:

and theirs:

5.) Speak of frames and my art wall, I'm in the process of figuring out how to get an art print of one of my great-grandma's pieces that currently lives at my parent's home in Texas. I'm trying to decide between this piece:

or this piece:

I think I'm going to go with the small houses on the hill.

Anyway, there's where my head's at right now!


  1. Hey Bryn - a laundry suggestion for you. I have one of the "three bin" sorters from Target (similar to this one: and I love it. On mine, the bags have handles which make them easier to carry around, and the wheels are nice too. Good luck with your re-organization!

  2. Your head is at a great many places right now! :)

    I love the tote idea!

  3. I found your blog via some combination of links but enjoy it. Anyway, we also have the same laundry sorter as mrseam. It makes it really easy to do a random load during the week because it is presorted--just grab whichever section is getting full and go. Seriously, I was one of my first friends to get married and whenever they would ask for advice I would tell them to get a laundry sorter. You will never be faced with mounds of clothes waiting to go in the washer again :)

  4. I hate laundry too! Love your blog.

  5. Your head is at a great many places right now! :)

    I love the tote idea!


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