Thursday, May 8, 2008

Amazing kitchen

I don't like going a day without a design-related post... so feast your eyes on this $70,000+ kitchen remodel from Rate My Space!

Absolutely breathtaking!

I'd give up my first born for this range.................. jk.


  1. Interesting, I've seen that same kitchen in a magazine. In fact I scanned the picture onto my computer . . . I love it regardless.

  2. very nice. i love the vaulted ceiling.

  3. I love the kitchen, but seems like it needs a few more bells and whistles for 70 grand, that is a lot. I don't like how you can see the joint? on the cabinets (don't know what it is called exactly) especially on the fridge it is very evident

  4. haha yeah - I really don't see how this was 70 grand! I think it may have been an addition, maybe that was the bulk of the cost?

    But so weird about seeing it in a mag!

  5. it's pretty though! I bet that huge range cost a pretty penny.

  6. I just looked a the rest of the pictures, and I bet it did cost $70k ... 2 sinks and a pot filler, new appliances, what look like custom cabinets and wood work in the entire room, including a banquette AND what look like new windows -- it adds up!


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