Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's not over until the fat lady sings!

Can you believe it? I CAN'T. Right when I thought I had made my decisions on lighting - BAM! Pottery Barn comes out with a drum pendant that I like MORE than my original pick!


I can't believe how the tables have turned. Especially since I was drooling over the drum pendant in this image I posted a couple days ago:

And thanks to our AMAZINGLY generous wedding guests - I could purchase both the PB Lantern and the new PB Drum Pendant with gift cards.

Unfortunately, I have a MUCH bigger decision that I need to make today, life-changing that is. I'll post about it soon. Yes - this is a teaser!

But please, lend me your opinions! Which do you like better?


  1. I definitely like the new one better!

    And good luck with the life-changing decision. I think I know what it's regarding, and I'm sure whatever you choose will be what's best for you and hubby. ;)


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