Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Nursery Diaries: Chapter 3

In case you missed my previous chapters, here are the links: Chapter 1, Chapter 2. This chapter is all about furniture. I recently posted this picture (for the rockaRoo giveaway!) on Instagram and had some inquires about the dresser.. and I'm here to tell you about it!

I know you shouldn't love inanimate things like furniture, but I'm sorry, I LOVE this piece of furniture. I came across it at Slate Interiors right before Thanksgiving and snapped this pic:
You can't read the tag in the picture, but it says HOLD. I was so bummed.... but I took a picture anyway and told the girls at Slate to let me know if it's still available. We then went to Texas for Thanksgiving, and I couldn't stop thinking about this dresser. I figured, if it's available after our trip then it's meant to be and I had to get it!

Sure enough... it was still available!!

I honestly thought this was a vintage piece, but I was so happy to find out that it's a somewhat new piece from Vanguard and has soft closing drawers. You know the kind that they use in kitchens? We plan on keeping diaper changing materials in the top drawer, so that soft closing feature will really come in handy. (Note: I tried searching for the chest on the Vanguard site, but I don't think they make it anymore. Also, I can tell the dressers have been hand painted.. I have no idea what color they originally were.)

This piece was both a splurge and a steal. It was a steal at $600 for a Vanguard piece, but $600 was a lot for me to spend on a dresser for the nursery. But it was so, so, so worth it... this is a piece that will not only grow with our little guy, but I could even use it anywhere in any future homes if needed.

This brings up a point I want to make... JUST SAY NO to "kid" and "nursery" furniture. There is no reason to buy something specifically designed for babies and kids.. (unless of course it's the crib.. will get to that below). Buy something YOU love and that is good quality and you'll have it forever!

(And here is some more unsolicited advice... if you are on a very tight budget, buy something old/vintage and paint it!)

Here is the dresser in the nursery:
Please excuse the messy room shot!
This room is TEENY TINY... and the dresser (along with the changing pad that will be on top of it) has to be in front of the window. I know, some moms would NEVER do this. Honestly - I'm never going to have the window open and the baby unattended, so I'm not worried about it.

Moving on to the next major piece of furniture in a nursery.. the crib! It's funny, I spent WAY less on the crib then I did on the dresser. That large box in the picture above is the crib... and this is the crib I chose:
Jenny Lind Crib in Ebony
Classic, simple, inexpensive. I know I just got done preaching that you should buy high quality, non-babyish furniture for nurseries... but when it comes to buying pieces that HAVE to be baby related (like cribs) - keep it simple and budget friendly. During the holiday sales, we paid around $175 for this crib, and it will easily last us through more than one baby and more than one nursery design. There are so many nurseries that feature this crib, and rightfully so! It goes with EVERYTHING!

You may also have noticed the small black bookshelf in the corner of the picture above... Erin (who owns Isabella) gave this piece to me and it's so perfect for the space! I'll be using it to hold fun things like stuffed animals and my husband's vintage cars and some not so fun things like the humidifier and sound machine.

For the past couple weeks, we've been tackling paint colors... that's next up on the Nursery Diaries! I finally was able to find the perfect shade of dark green, but it took a million samples. Here is a picture with some samples up on the wall, and a better shot of my beloved dresser!
ps- If you are getting sick of my baby & nursery related posts, stop by Isabella Studio where I'm blogging about an awesome new product we've been loving and I'm also posting an amazing home tour this week!


  1. It's coming together!! So glad that dresser ended up being yours...love Slate. By the way, I have the same exact crib and absolutely love it. It's classic and looks great with everything. Plus since it is such a good price, it didn't kill the budget to have custom bedding made. I worked with Bellini and had a great experience.

  2. totally not sick at all of your nursery posts! love the green on the wall.

  3. Makes perfect sense to "skimp" on the crib, which is short term, but splurge on a beautiful dresser that you will have forever! Plus, you can't even get a dresser from Pottery Barn for $600, so that's a total win!! It's looking good....

  4. Love reading nursery posts keep them coming! And the dresser is so pretty :) So worth the splurge since you'll have it forever! :)

  5. Coming together! Looking forward to hearing about the paint.

  6. For your readers who would also like to have that lovely chest. Vanguard Furniture's Factory Outlet is in Hickory NC. Their phone # is(828) 322-3471. Why not give them a jingle to see if they have one for you.
    Brynn, I'm excited for you as your family expands. I look forward to seeing your completed nursery - knowing it will be wonderful.

  7. I enjoy reading about your nursery design process. I'm also expecting and really appreciate tasteful choices rather than "baby" furniture. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Could not agree more about the kid furniture! It took some convincing with my in-laws that we didn't need a "changing table." It's all personal preference, but I've loved using an old family dresser with the changing pad on top. Also, ours is in front of the window and (7 months in) is working out just fine :)

  9. My son is 8 months old and we have the same crib. We love it and will use it with all of our babies. Oh and I love that dresser!

  10. That dresser is amazing and you could use it in any room in your house. I feel the same way about nursery furniture I hate stuff that screams baby. I just love how your room is coming along!


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