Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Perfect Playroom

Recently I've been working on a client playroom and I've been thinking about what makes for a perfect playroom.

Here are my thoughts... I believe playrooms should reflect your personal style, but just "turned up a notch". Choose materials, colors, fabrics that you really like.. it's your home after all! And it's a chance to choose some colorful and funky fabrics that you love, but wouldn't normally put in your adult spaces.

I gathered a collection of some of my favorite playroom spaces:

I came across this new fabric from Duralee.. wouldn't it be perfect for a playroom?

I also LOVE the animal print carpet in the first picture. What a great excuse to use animal print if you're too scared to use it in your main living areas! I found some good options here:

Felix by Stanton
Linus by Stanton


  1. These images are pure gorgeousness! I just wrote about playrooms today, too, and am really loving these. Great idea about the animal print and love the duralee fabric.

  2. Check out ediva on Instagram. She's a friend of mine from college and Rachel Halverson is doing her house. Her playroom is awesome!

  3. Hi there--just trying to track down the source of these images before I pin them! Do you remember where you found them? I absolutely LOVE the navy blinds in the second picture :) xoxo {av}

  4. I always kind of laugh thinking back to designing homes/spaces for children before I had children (not the case for you) but I had no clue. I would try to talk people into the craziest things, like floor lamps floating in the center of the room or toy storage boxes that looked cool but were totally not safe for toddlers. I laugh thinking back to anything I thought was awesome when I first started working, so much has changed in 10 years!


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