Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sofa Ordered!

Yesterday after my meetings I ran into Crate & Barrel to finally order our new Lounge sofa! Woohoo!! It will get here the first week of July, I cannot wait!

The sofa is LARGE so I need (okay, want) some new large pillows to go on it. I have had this image saved on Pinterest for a while:

I just love the texture mix of the linen and the velvet. I ordered these same pillows in 24" squares, but I changed the velvet to have a little more purple and less red.

I also have some embroidered blue fabric in mind for two more 24" pillows, I will share that soon.

I've also been thinking about end tables. Here is our current living room:

I'm not kidding when I say we need new furniture... one of the side tables I purchased at Pier 1 ages ago and it's way too small, and the other side table (closest to the window and never really seen) I picked up NEXT TO THE DUMP! So it will be so nice to finally have a sofa that isn't a hand-me-down and side tables that aren't trash ;)

To help visualize, this is what the side of the new sofa will look like (what you see when you walk into the room):

And I am currently considering these funky end tables from NOIR:

The room definitely has an eclectic vibe going on with the vintage lounge chair and the vintage dresser so I think the tables could be cool. But in this biz, I could see something I like better in a minute and change my mind....

I'm just so excited to get the new sofa and get rid of the chaise + small sofa lined up against the wall look!! 


  1. Congrats on your new sofa! We have had the same couch forEVER and need a new one so so bad. I can't make a decision so we just keep on keeping on with the old one. You have inspired me to get real and find "the one!" Can't wait to see pics of your furniture!

  2. That sofa is going to be perfect....and the pillow fantastic.  I love the table you have in mind.  I know for sure we are connected......I just noticed your hide rug!!!   Can't wait to see the new "room"!  

  3. i just ordered that sofa last week!! it's scheduled to arrive friday... hooray!

  4. TheLittleBlackDoorJune 12, 2012 at 9:46 AM

    I love the lines of that sofa, and the fabric! You room will look fab!

  5. So excited for you!

    This may be a moot point (or a "moo" point as Joey from Friends would say), but have you ever switched the chair+ottoman and chaise?

  6. Congratulations!  Can't wait to see your gorgeous new sofa and pillows!

  7. Powellbrowerhome.comJune 12, 2012 at 11:55 AM

    I'm very excited for you. I got a new sofa last year and it really feels great to make the decision and get a good 'grounding' piece in the room. Your pillows are wonderful!

  8. Can't wait to see the new sofa and pillows! Excellent choice of fabric and color, did you order the fabric online or store bought? If it's online...which site is it?

  9. I love the vibe that you have going on right now in your living room and I love seeing the process unfold. And hooray for ordering a new sofa - it's something that will be tops on my list soon. I also really like the pillows that you've ordered too and think they will look great in there.  What looks like a mirror over your fireplace almost looks like a third window on that wall - you've got some great natural light in your living room.

  10. So exciting! I'd ditch my sofa in two seconds if I could. You're smart to have held out for one you love!

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  12. I know you don't have kids yet, but if you plan to have them in the time period you have those tables in your living room, do this test prior to buying: If you can push your hand down on the side of the table and it can tip over easily, do NOT BUY IT! You'll end up putting them in your basement. We have a side table next to our Crate lounge chaise (your new couch, only the chaise version) and our baby can pull over the side table very easily. Good-bye side table, we'll miss you. :(

  13. I love love love your site, but I always forget to check it.  I wish you had a facebook linked to the blog.  Do you?

  14. Such exciting and beautiful changes afoot.  It's fun to see how you are making it all work.


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