Thursday, November 3, 2011

Smells soooo good.

I am OBSESSED with candles. It's kind of like how some people are with Starbucks... a little money spent here and there but then someone adds it all up and you could be saving thousands each year. I don't want to know how much money I spend on candles a year.

Anyway, I went to Home Goods for a little guest post I'm writing and they have the best candles right now. (No they are not paying me or anything to say this.. it's just the truth). Especially since fall/holiday candles are my FAVORITE!!


If you love fall/holiday candles, seriously run to your nearest Home Goods. I sniffed a lot of them and these featured in this picture are the best (in my opinion).

Sprig Holiday (Red Box) smells almost identical to Nest Holiday which is one of the best holiday candles on the market. It's actually interesting because Sprig is a sister company of Nest. Hmm.....

Sprig Holiday (Green Box) is a really great Christmas tree-smelling candle.

In the silver Calvin Klein box is a candle called Conifer Branch and it, too, smells like a Christmas tree. It's amazing. If your Home Goods has the Calvin Klein candle I would purchase it over the Sprig green box candle. Even though it's not technically the holidays yet, I had it lit when my family was over and they all were going crazy over it.

The Sahara box is not a holiday scent, but PERFECT for fall. Hands down it's my favorite candle right now. It is amazing I can't even describe it. I'm temped to go back to Home Goods and get another one. It's by Paddywax and part of their Destination collection which appears to be discoed.

In case you are curious, I purchased a small-sized Sprig Red Box, a large 3-wick Calvin Klein and the large 3-wick Sahara. I think I'm set for the Holidays (but knowing me, I'll get some more).


  1. I have the same obsession with candles!

  2. I love sprig candles!

  3. We love nest candles so we will have to be on the look out for these new Sprig candles. Thank you so much.

  4. Thanks for the heads out about the candles. Found them at HG in New Haven, CT the same morning. The CK is divine and the Sprig Evergreen and Fir is fantastic. You have the best recommendations!

  5. I totally get your obsession with candles, i'm the same way. Literally my room at any given point has about 6 huge candles scattered about, and in the winter, whenever i'm home, I light all of them. I'll definatly have to check out these winter fragrances because I'm still using my summers ocean breeze ones!
    (L'Muse Therapy)

  6. Thank you for recommending these -- found all but the red Sprig @ HG, and the Sahara @ TJM.  You appreciate a good bargain like I do but curious if you think brand loyalty is important with candles?  I'm always convincing myself that the 6.99 candle on the shelf next to these might turn out to be a great find but I'm always disappointed in the scent.  Do you avoid wasting your money on the cheap ones and instead stick to the better ones?  Would love a little candle education post since we all love your recommendations!

  7. Nick from Vancouver, CanadaMarch 16, 2013 at 11:11 PM

    I was looking for something that could imitate the smell of a Christmas tree. I saw the CK candle during a trip to Washington state before Christmas but passed on it. After the holidays my wife and I went back down and I reconsidered buying the candle..I'm burning it right now and its awesome!! I came to this page and decided to comment because I was looking to buy another or more online. Its unfortunate that sellers are selling them for $30+ considering I bought the candle at Marshalls for $7! Just wanted to say it's a GREAT candle, who would of thought, Calvin Klein?


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