Friday, February 25, 2011

The Ocean Rug

I got an (automated) email from House Beautiful with this beautiful home in it. I was instantly captured by the beautiful blue rug. Doesn't it look like the ocean?

So, so pretty. I can tell you without actually knowing that it costs a fortune.

I wonder if this rug from Overstock would create a similar look. From what I can tell, it's pretty good looking and it's a dhurri which I like.

Just some random interior design curiosity on a Friday. :)


  1. Such a gorgeous room and omg I love that rug!

  2. This is a different shade of blue...but what about making a rug out of something like this carpet from Martha Stewart Would certainly be less expensive.

  3. The blue overstock rug just might work. But it would have to have a mid length pile that stands up easily. Look carefully at where the bottom of the front leg of the sofa is close to the three legged end table. Do you see a short straight horizontal line that separates one shade of blue from the other? It actually looks like someone's scuffed up the rug pile for the photo. And they missed a spot. Still, its a wonderful color and a great photo.

  4. Well, I just reread the House Beautiful article you pointed us toward and found a reference to "Monsour Modern" rugs. I couldn't find that actual rug on their site yet, but it's a good starting point. My livingroom is very difficult to find a rug for because I have a mosaic glass tile fireplace and so many rugs just seem too busy with it. And to top it off, some of the tiles are a slate blue color which I love, but for some reason is difficult for me to match. Thanks for posting this and other beautiful pictures for us. If you have any tips on how to find a rug to match (or at least not clash with) a mosaic tile fireplace, I would love to read them. I've never been very good at mixing and matching fabrics and this feels like the same type of endevour. Violet

  5. Oh my goodness. That original rug is beautiful! It looks exactly like the color rug I have been looking for for my livingroom that has gone rugless for over a year. Any ideas on how to even start to find a source?

  6. Does anyone know where the one came from in the original photo? I would love to source it. It would be perfect in my living room


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