Thursday, August 20, 2009

There is not much I like more.....

than the mix of modern and traditional.

Right now I'm really loving white modern tulip chairs in traditional rooms:


  1. I feel like Domino put itself on the map by featuring white plastic modern tables in traditional rooms, as well as Georgian chairs with funky upholstery. :)

    BTW - Do you know the source for that AWESOME bed?

  2. I hear you... to me it seems hard to attain that delicate balance. I wish I could achieve it better myself... try, try, try!

  3. I adore the bed in the top pic! Just gorgeous! I'm also a big fan of the tulip chair mixed in. I haven't pulled it off in my own space, but it's a great look!

  4. Like Kelsey, I would love source for that bed!!


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