Monday, June 15, 2009

a closer look...

I wanted to zoom in and take a closer look at the bird prints I posted below. Aren't they perfect?

First, I'll share a little confession - I'm not usually a fan of bird prints. This is because I'm not entirely a fan of birds.. they creep me out a little. Maybe it's because we often have birds fall down the shoot of our chimney and fly around our house. Sure some birds are beautiful but most often they are a little bit scary. This winter I also had a bad experience with a bird... well the experience was worse for the bird than it was for me. We had our shoot closed and I didn't realize it before I turned on the fire. Well, there was a bird in there and it didn't end well for the bird. It was traumatizing... I felt terrible the rest of the weekend :(

Sorry for the morbid story, but let's move on to something a bit lighter - beautiful bird prints! I stumbled upon these and they are so beautiful.

The use of color, and the juxtaposition of the flower, the bird and the vintage paper goods. Ah! Genius.

Okay, this blackbird is so cute, no? Definitely not scary.

All the above prints are done by Etsy artist, Geninne. Check out the rest of her bird collage series.


  1. Actual birds freak me out too...but illustrated birds are cool :)

  2. haha! I hate birds too.. never been sure why..

  3. LOVE the last one. So beautiful!

  4. I love birds...but you knew that already!

  5. I totally agree about not liking birds, but these prints are great. I always tell my boyfriend that I like birds as an "aesthetic principle" but not as a "tangible reality". :)

  6. These are so cute, but do you think they are big enough to hang in a bed room? I'm thinking of purchasing three to place over the bed. What do you think?

  7. LOVE the last one. So beautiful!


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