Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shameless Plug

You know when musicians are being interviewed, and when it's finished then yell out "Buy my album Untitled coming out on May 17!!" Well that's sort of what I'm doing right now - some may call it a shameless plug.

I just wanted to shout out and let everyone know I put almost all my idea boards in a Flickr Set, you can find it here.

I decided to start doing two sizes for my idea boards - $15 for a small and $25 for a large. I'll be honest - I'm no expert, but it's something I love to do and it's much less expensive than others charge, so I'm just throwin' it out there!

Example of a large:

Example of a small:

Send me an email if you ever need one! Also, I'm putting together a little website that has more info about my "services". If you can call a little hobby on the side that...

/shameless plug


  1. Nice! It's great to profit from stuff that you enjoy!

  2. I agree...and I have seen the prices of other boards and I close my laptop up over the idea of dropping that amount of money based on pictures. So I think its great Bryn, plus they are soooo good. You have a talent for it because everyone cant do them. I keep telling you I owe my color in my office all to you. When you posted that picture for Sarah as in idea...I was in love with green...

  3. That's great Bryn!! They look awesome!!!

  4. I think it is a great idea and have seen the high prices of others that are not professionals either. I am super excited and going to sign up soon.

  5. Love the price, very reasonable compared to others. Do you include a layout with yours?


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