Monday, February 2, 2009

Char Updates: Short and Sweet

Here they are, I'm making sure it's not long-winded this time around, so they are in bullet form.

- Char got her staples out today!

- I don't think the staple removal even hurt, and if it did she didn't show any signs of pain.

- Even though her staples are gone, she still has a reverse mohawk. Poor girl, we've all had our fair share of bad haircuts.

- Char's been in a crate while we're at work for the past week or so.

- She hates the crate, words cannot express how much she hates it.

- She often would go #2 in her crate, and then dig in it. It made for not so great homecomings for Matt & I.

- I think she held her poop in on purpose so she could go in her crate and get back at us for making her stay in there.

- Because the crate issue has been so bad, we asked the doc if she could have freedom again. They said YES!

- Now we plan on letting her roam downstairs.

- We need to now invest in a baby gate.

- Char is now in "physically therapy" - i.e. we need to take her on 5 minute walks 2x a day, making our way up to 25 minute walks 2x a day.

- This will not only be good for char, but for matt and I too!

- I get mornings, he gets afternoons.

- Char has to wear a harness now, it's better for her back.

And with that, I'll leave you with a picture Matt just sent me. (He took a half day today, lucky man.)

See her harness? She loves it. Don't worry - we won't keep it on all the time. Oh, and she eats and drinks on top of a post office box so she doesn't have to strain her neck. She's a spoiled one.


  1. I don't think any dog likes their crate. Our pup is crate trained and every Monday I have to drag her into the thing!

    I'm in Torrance. I have two baby gates I got when I was training my pup. I don't need them because my dog is part Ninja and jumps over them.

    If you would like to meet half way to pick up they are all yours.

    my e-mail is mar 5195 at g mail dot com.

  2. So glad your baby's gettin' better. Love that she has a reverse mohawk. All the cool kids are doing that lately. Best of luck to your girl!


  3. cUTE DOGGIE! Not sure how I came about your blog..but it is super cute!

  4. Glad to hear she is getting better.

  5. So glad she's feeling better! She's looking great and totally rocking the 'do!

  6. I'm so glad she is doing well! What a trooper! Those walks will be awesome for you all. I wish our vet said we had to do that with Cooper. It would sure get us off our butts!

  7. Our golden retriever also has elevated food and water dishes. It's supposed to help him not burp, but it totally doesn't work!

  8. Glad she is feeling a little better - keep us posted on how therapy goes!!

    Poor girl - that hair cut!! lol!

  9. So glad she's feeling better! Our doggy used to hate his crate... we spent months baiting it with treats and letting it hang out in the living room, though, and now he LOVES it. It's his own little "safe place" when his mean parents try to give him a bath, and he loves to sleep in it, even when we're home. Anyways, the point is: I can totally relate with the crap-finding in the kennel...

    Also! Do you have any cute hair pics? I also have curly hair and have been thinking about going with bangs (I am in desperate need of a new style/cut... but can't really blow dry it, unless I want it straight, which I don't. Do you feel my curly-haired pain?).

  10. glad to see she's doing well, my pug has a harness, I'm a firm believer in harnesses for dogs.

  11. If I recall correctly, we live in the same city. We had a baby gate for our dog when we lived in an actual house but I can't recall where it is now to offer it up to you.

    Surprisingly, those dang gates can be pricey!! If you go to The Children's Orchard off of Muirlands and Ridge Route, the should have some for cheap. It's in the same shopping center as Albertson's and the Chocolate Forest.

    Charlotte is too cute! Love her!

  12. I'm so glad she is doing well! What a trooper! Those walks will be awesome for you all. I wish our vet said we had to do that with Cooper. It would sure get us off our butts!

  13. Glad to hear she is getting better.


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