Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Comfy & Casual Eating

Here's an idea I'm filing away for the future....

I found this picture of a sweet little home in Atlanta on Southernliving.com:

I thought, how sweet is this? I'd love to have an everyday dining/breakfast room like this, that just consists of a love seat and a table. It'd make for really cozy dinners sitting next to the hub. And when you have guests, you can always pull up 2 or 4 more chairs.

If you love this idea, too, check out this little love seat from Target for only $250:

You wouldn't have to worry about stains, and how great would it look with a white table?


  1. Love it! I'm REALLY loving that table. I'm thinking it'd make an amazing desk. Now, if only I had extra income.

  2. great idea! i hope you get it soon!!

  3. I love this look! Fun and functional!

  4. The letters on the wall are too cool... ever since moving to Austin I have wanted to do something similar with the cities nick name "ATX"... this could be perfect!


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