Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"I'm Grace Kelly"

I'm quite ashamed to say both the husband and I love to watch Gossip Girl. I have a girl crush on Blaire Waldorf, and the husband idolizes Chuck Bass.

While I try to keep our love of trashy younger-than-us-demographic television under wraps, I just had to share Blaire's outfit from last night. She looked so beautiful.

The ruffles! The plunging neckline.

But what caught my eye was her amazing hair & make-up. If I was getting married in 2009, I'd bring this picture straight to my stylist for inspiration.

In fact, I'm going to try to pull off Blaire's look for our Christmas card picture..


  1. I loved this outfit too! It's so pretty. Her hair and makeup was fab., that night I ran upstairs and took out all of my deep red lipsticks!

  2. I am bringing this look to my stylist for my husbands Christmas party - the hair and make up are perfect!! Love love loved last night!!

  3. I LOVED her outfit and I LOVE Chuck Bass!!!

  4. She looked amazing...and I think the hubby is also secretly addicted to this's the only night he's willing to push off the gym till 9 :)

  5. that outfit is amazing! and you are right-her hair is to die for!

  6. Did you see the back?? thats my favorite part!Here's a picture:

    I wish I could find this shirt somewhere for like $50. A girl can dream.....

  7. I love Blair! Remember when she said you mother chucker! Still makes me laugh!

  8. I too am a Gossip Girl fan and found myself loving her makeup as well!

    And that's so funny that you mention the "trashy, younger-than-us" tv, because I always I too old to watch this?? lol


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