Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tacklin' it

This morning I'm ripping off Hyper Homemaker's awesome Tackle it Tuesday segment. (I've always been so impressed that she get so much done on Tuesdays!)

Today I'm very busy getting ready to host my first baby shower ever! Tonight I have a really fun project to do - the party favors. I've posted a little about it so far, but I'm making these:

It's a very simple project, and I cannot wait to squish all the glue underneath the glass marbles tonight :) I plan on snapping pics and providing you how-to's. It's a great project and came out to be only $3-$4 per favor (that includes a cute box and ribbon to put them in).

I'm also heading over to Home Goods during lunch to pick up some items for our diaper/wipes gift raffle. This is a great way to get a good collection of these must needed items for the parents. For the raffle prize, I plan on doing a "Bun in the Oven" themed gift which will include:

- Mixing Bowl
- Mixing utensils
- Rolling pin
- Yummy bath items
- Something sweet!

I'll figure out what I'm getting for sure during lunch, because there is so much great stuff at Home Goods!

We're also in the process of hiring a landscaper for a yard "clean up". Matt does the weekly mowing, but we've decided it's best to hire a yearly or bi-yearly clean up crew to give our yard a nice makeover. I think of it like getting your eyebrows waxed by a professional, then plucking yourself to upkeep it.

Here is the yard from the previous owner's MLS images, they were lucky enough to have a full time landscaping company. We are not that fortunate.


  1. Oh love it!! GREAT idea with the landscaping clean up. It will make SUCH a difference! And YAY for tackling tuesday! Seriouly, it gets my lazy bum moving b/c I KNOW I have to make that post!


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