Wednesday, October 15, 2008

$159 Love

Isn't this beautiful?

Recycled Metal Tree of Tealights

I titled this post with the price tag because it's a little too rich for my blood (right now at least). However, it's such a beautiful sculptural piece of art. (Mass produced piece of art, but still artistic in my eyes).

I would keep it here year round:

And it even transitions into Holiday decor, just add pinecones or holly:

Now that is a whole lot of $159 love!


  1. Hi there! I saw an almost exact copy of this tea light holder at TJ Max today however I didn't check the price...I live in McKinney, TX so not sure if your local store carries it.

  2. Ooh, this is a fab find. Maybe it'll go on sale soon. Crossing fingers.

  3. I actually saw this on your blog the other day and LOVED IT. Then I was in TJ Maxx today and saw it for 24.99 and couldn't pass it up! Just wanted you to know! I'll post a picture on my blog of it later on tonight!!!


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