Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wedding Week: The Dress, Hair, Makeup and Rings

Whenever I imagined my wedding, I always imagined what any girl did - a big, poofy white tulle explosion. When I actually started searching for the dress - I tried on some fitted dresses for the heck of it. I never thought I could squeeze my rather large hips into a tight fitting dress.

Boy was I wrong. I fell in love with the "womanly" silhouette it created, and I knew I had "the dress". I did have second doubts (like does my ass look too huge???), but finally I realized why I feel in love with the dress in the first place - why hide the curves? I embraced them!

Here I am at my last dress fitting - can you see the happiness radiate?

I loooooved the bustle! and it held up to a night full of dancing!

Next up - the hair. I wanted a romantic up-do to go with my romantic dress, and went for a hair trial:

I felt it was a little too formal - it was our wedding, but since I am usually so casual in my everyday life, I wanted to be a bit more casual for the wedding. Closer to the actual wedding I decided to go for ONE more hair trial, and I'm so glad I did! I decided on this:

Now for make-up... I found an amazing make-up artist and she got it spot on the first time. I am surprised at what type of magic she could do!

Now for the rings. Matt did SUCH a great job on the engagement ring. Completely goofing around, Matt, his mom and I were running errands one day and stopped at a jewelry store with his mom. While we were waiting for one of her errands to be done, his mom said, Let's try on rings! While I tried on dozens, I had a favorite, and without saying a word to Matt about it, Matt went back and bought it.

While in Dallas visiting my parents, I found the wedding ring. I think it's special that his mom was with us when he found the engagement ring, and my mom was with us when we found the wedding ring.

And his handsome ring:


  1. Your ring is beautiful! It has a vintage look to it. Thanks for sharing those happy moments:)

  2. Your wedding make-up looked great! So beautiful!

  3. the makeup is so gorgeous! and i love the ring! my husband's grandmother has one that looks so similar. classic!

    can you please email me your budget template? we're needing it! :)


  4. Your ring and dress are beautiful! I love them :) You look beautiful in your dress!

  5. Love the vintage ring and you looked so beautiful!

  6. Beautiful dress and stunning ring!

  7. everything about you & your wedding = Gorgeous!!!

  8. I love your wedding set! It is beautiful. Also, your makeup was great!

  9. loving the wedding week posts!

  10. Love the dress it is gorgeous!!!

  11. wow.. your wedding dress is so beautiful. can you say who it is by?

  12. I just found your blog and have been looking around..you have wonderful style! I am in love with your wedding dress..my ring looks almost exactly like yours--I love the vintage look! <3


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